It is not a big nationwide campaign or an ongoing costly retained piece work, but what we do with the RSPB saves them money and has delivered the product they wanted.

How do we reduce our print costs?

It is a question we get asked a lot, even in today's world of ebooks and 24/7 web information. But this question came from a referral of a friend who knew that a big part of the RSPB's commercial success was their catalogue of various wildlife related foods and products. However, once, twice or even three times a year they had to print and mail the catalogue to thousands of supports across the UK. With the cost of print and postage continuing to go up, they were looking for a way to reduce cost whilst delivering a catalogue experience.

Our solution was simple - take the catalogue and turn it into an electronic publication online. With no additional design work and just the supply of a PDF linked to their online catalogue, we could regularly and efficiently deliver the product.

Four years on and we still deliver this online catalogue with the following benefits:-

  • Easy conversion to eCatalogue from a PDF
  • Customisation to match RSPB branding
  • Trackable with the RSPB Google Analytics code built into every page of the catalogue
  • Hyperlinks from every product to the RSPB eCommerce website
  • Options to replace photos with video from Vimeo and/or Youtube
  • Publication fully searchable
  • Publication shareable on social networks
  • Ability for the viewer to download pages to their computer in PDF format
  • Options to prepare a version to distribute on USB givaways at events


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