With the Historic Conference Centres of Europe (HCCE) it is more than just a client - they retain us to be the face of HCCE.

Our relationship with HCCE goes back about five years when we presented at one of their Annual General Assemblies a piece on social media and its place within organisations. Shortly after that we won our first commission to deliver a refreshed website up against much bigger agencies in Europe. Then two years ago they asked us to consider a much closer relationship where our team and in particular, Stuart Forrester, would be with them at events and in representing the members as their Executive Director.

So what did we do to gain such trust and belief in our abilities?

In simple terms, we did what we always do, we were transparent and put the needs of our client at the forefront.

HCCE has just turned 20 and like many member based organisations they are going through change - technological change, people change and industry change. As such, they had lost their focus and their brand as they moved to generate revenue and retain membership.


The fundementals of HCCE had not changed since their inception in 1996: -

  • Event organisers are looking for less obvious and interesting venues
  • Historical and unique venues lack positive branding and exposure
  • Working collectively can reduce costs and expand opportunities

With the above still the heart of HCCE the other aspect we found had changed was their membership. From the majority being leading national venues, they were now excellent regional centres with a few leading venues.

The honest truth, this is not going to be a easy ship to turn around.

The solution would require a stabilisation of the brand and the increase of activity in their core markets.


The first task was to reimplement a brand style guide they had done and paid for back in 2010. As it had never really been applied, we could take this and quickly implement what was still a fresh redesign with just a few tweeks to further modernise the look. In summary here is what we did: -

  • New digital and real Member Venue Directory
  • New digital and real New Member brochure
  • Revised the website to be responsive and in line with the design guidelines
  • Revised and implemented a new trade fair stand design
  • Review, design and supply new give aways for trade events
  • Created and connected Social Media networks - Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter


Today we are reporting on a range of analytics from the obvious from Google to the less obvious - how much a member is engaged with the benefits of membership. Below is a snapshot of the intelligence we bring: -

  • AdWords - We review and tweak key words, geographical location, negative key words and then report on the agreed objectives being met e.g. completion of an enquiry form
  • Google Analytics - We review the sessions, page counts, time and which venues are attracting the attention of the visitors
  • Social Media - Here we are reviewing sentiment, likes/shares and placement of social adverts
  • Member Engagement - How often members contribute to activities and digital content; their take-up of participation at events or benefits like data lists

HCCE has the potential to be a great association being linked to history, culture, sustainability and simply sopme of the most fantastic venues in Europe.


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