Our process makes us different

We have developed three parts to getting a return on marketing investment - ROMI. We've found with our professional experience and 10 years of working with organisations and individuals that the following three aspects of marketing are key:-

Insight - Planning

Helps you define your marketing strategy and plan to create the foundation of creative campaigns

Implementation - Creative Doing

Transforms Insight into engaging campaigns across all media channels

Intelligence - Measuring

Measures defined indicators against our strategic plan and allows change

But the really clever part about our process is they must work togther to deliver the maximum return on marketing investment or ROMI. 

thefc ROMI Venn diagram web

ROMI is where we want our clients to get to and that means working with them to get as many pieces of the process working together.

That does not mean we want to do everything for you! But we can if you need us to through our professional partnerships and our own people.