The Historic Conference Centres of Europe - Pan-European network of venues looking to consolidate their brand, modernise their website and marketing assets.

Imagine you were here!

The Historic Conference Cnetres of Europe (HCCE) is a not-for-profit association of stunning MICE venues around Europe wanting to be seen as more than 'gala dinner' venues by event buyers. Our first European based client!

HCCE brochure design

HCCE - Historic Conference Centres of Europe

Services Provided
Brand Management
Digital Design
Print Design
Event displays
Promotional gifts
Direct Marketing
HCCE Trade show stand graphics by thefc.uk
HCCE Adverts by thefc.uk

The Goals

From a brand guideline already paid and developed in Germany, apply consistently across marketing assets.

New CMS based website that was easy to manage
Trade show stand graphics
New brochure and business card print design
New digital design for online ads and presentations

The Challenge

Having spent time and money in developing a new fresh looking brand, they were looking for an agency to help them apply it to all their activities and support brand management. HCCE was our first European client and we had input from members based from Malta to London with all the cultural diversity inbetween. 

Our Approach

Start with their goals in mind

As with all clients, we started with what they wanted to achieve and what success would look like to them. This required a certain amount of 'insight' into their brand, their competitors and their market.

From there, we drew up a priority of the assets required based on a timeline from them of upcoming activities. The brand was in good but inconsistently applied. The only visual element we changed was a dated looking historical figure whom we swapped for the HCCE Queen.

The practicalities of the project moved from concepts to development/approval and finally deployment. We also worked with third-parties like their stand contractor to ensure graphics and stand colours match the new brand.

We're delighted that HCCE is an ongoing client with both digital and print assets regularly being updated through us. We also now support their Board of Directors with marketing strategy and events across Europe.

Buyers Event Dubrovnik 2018

HCCE Client Event Dubrovnik 2018

Client Event Munich 2018

HCCE CLient Event Munich 2018

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