War and Peace on a single A0 Poster

War and Peace on a single A0 Poster

As non-medical people, we get the simple version of treatments and conditions, but when you are in the realm of fellow Doctors and Consultants, you need them to know you've done your homework. And in presenting that, we get given War and Peace to go on a poster!

This type of academic poster typically looks to serve key objectives:-

  • Networking
  • Communication

In networking we don't really want to give away the entire story from the poster and to be honest, nobody would read it anyway! So, its purpose here is to attract and intrigue and from that stimulate interest, questions and engagement with the author.

In communcation, our goal is to draw people in from a distance. As they get closer and start reading we want to draw them in and in so doing, come back to our other goal - networking.

The reality is that most of our clients start with a vast knowledge dump, all of which is critical to explaining their particular speciality.

So with the two goals in mind, our mission is to help them refine and define the key points and we want them to ideally:-

  • Use fewer words
  • Agree on the key headers
  • Develop visual graphs or images that convey an idea or result
  • Create a framework on the poster that gives it structure and a call to action

If we start with the above, we can then do what we are good at - creating the best poster taking into consideration brand, fonts, size and the audience.

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