Healthy New Towns Project gets Social

Healthy New Towns Project gets Social

Social networks are so important to us personally and most of us have at least one channel we share what's happening or opinions, so why can't we use them for business? That's what we thought when talking to NHS England.

We've been working with partners from the NHS England Healthy New Towns project since it was launched. So when they told us NHS England were looking for a way to share common knowledge, ideas and expertise we thought we had an interesting idea - what if you could create a private version of Facebook or LinkedIn?

So we did!

Obviously we can't show you around because its private, but here are a few aspects of the project: -

  • Secure sign-up with authorisation by site administrators only
  • Administrator moderation
  • Document sharing and upload by users
  • Calendar of events - which can be created by users
  • Easy connection to other users
  • Creation of groups both private and public
  • Options to share content to the BIG three Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn
  • And just like other social networks you can post, comment, like and tag!

So if your looking for an intranet, private social network or even a low-cost 'Sharepoint' type solution - we can help!