3-2-1 Launch! ODO Product launch

3-2-1 Launch!

Launch events can be difficult, so we were delighted to be invited to join the launch team of Drive Software Solutions newest product ODO. One thing you cannot change with a live launch is the date - it's like an exhibition, once the date is published everything heads towards that immovable object!

Our part in this event would be in supporting the communication mix up to and at the event. With participants such as Oracle as keynote speakers, ODO needed a professional positioning message and location to launch their new cloud-based software service. 

Prior to the event, we managed a number of key activities including

  • Event invitation design and production
  • Event marketing collateral
  • Sourcing and production of sales promotion items
  • Sourcing and production of presentation gift boxes
  • PowerPoint template design
  • Digital direct marketing including eMail and Social Media