Simple works -

Simple works -

Sometimes simple just works - has just gone live.

When Innovaacom, a medical training and publishing service based in the US, approached us to bid for a new web site they wanted simple. Their previous site was busy and to the untrained or casual visitor difficult to navigate and find information.

Thank you all for the tremendous effort, flexibility and support you and your team have provided us to enable this to become a reality, it was such a pleasure to work with you all and the new site indeed looks wonderful.

Our solution

Our solution is designed to allow the site to change and evolve as and when Innovaacom wishes to do so. A Joomla CMS forms the backbone onto which a page building solution adds infinite options in styling and displaying content. From simple headlines and text through to complex pricing charts, animated countdowns and embedded video - the CMS has all the tricks to grow.

Whilst a simple site in relation to content, it still has the basics like excellent options for self-managed SEO and forms that can change dependant on the needs of Innovaacom. Security is managed both by our web servers and built-in software firewalls to protect both our clients and their visitors.

The end result is delivering on our client needs and helping them bring a global brand with consistency and simplicity to their existing and potential clients.